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Really fun and ridiculous! Voice acting is good, and the animation is goofy and interesting. I want to watch this daily.

I never watched the original "Ed, Edd, and Eddy" so I guess keep that in mind while you read this, but I don't think it matters. You're probably not going to read anything in this review that you haven't seen in all of the others, but I felt a little passionate about this video.

This was... really disappointing. Despite me lacking a lot of knowledge on the original show, I clicked on this video hoping that maybe it would be a fun spin on the shows concept. Then I realized what the video was actually about. I have slogged through so many years of people making comics, videos, and even Facebook posts about how people are glued to their phones. While some people can be that way, I thought the years of social criticism through minion memes, or Buzzfeed articles filled with cartoon characters on their iPads or gliding on hoverboards, were far behind us.

This animation is, of course, filled to the brim with the over played stereotype of today's children always being glued to their phones. Now, when I realized that was where this was headed, I didn't mind it to much at first. In my head I thought "Oh, maybe Eddy will come up with some crazy scheme to get everyone off their phones, and hilarity will ensue!" So as he and the other characters sit down under the tree to brood, I thought "OK, here comes the tom-foolery!"

And then the animation ended. That was the whole joke. People on their phones. Granted, I am being a little disingenuous, I guess. There was one point. One. One point that I thought was chuckle worthy. The "You Wood" gag, as immature as it was, I thought was a fun little goof. The problem is that every thing else in the animation isn't nearly as interesting. It is everything you would expect from a video like this. Every character is doing exactly what you would expect them to. Absolutely nothing to take away from it.

I genuinely feel disappointed. It's clear that a lot of effort when into this. The artwork is great, and the animation is pretty good too although sometimes a little lifeless. It's just that all that work feels wasted on something so boring.

I doubt anybody who isn't already a fan of the original show will find this very enjoyable.

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